Performance Revolution

With the advancement of technologies such as high performance computing, mobile technologies, 4G network and fibre channels, users are demanding speedier delivery and richer content applications. The 8 seconds response time in what previously has been set as industry benchmark three years back, has been significantly adjusted in recent years, with the latest study shown that user expected response time is at 3 seconds.

IT teams who are already facing challenges on increased complexity in application delivery chain due to emerging new platforms, virtualisation, cloud technologies, the ever-increasing business requirements and daily firefighting, are still expected to meet the 3 seconds response time. Moving forward, the revolution will continue, with technology continues to diversify into new regions and users demanding for faster performing and richer experience applications.

Winning the Revolution

We believe organisations that have taken control and triumphed in this revolution have employed, either individually or in some combination of the following moves:

►  Creating a dedicated team on managing application performance and handling incidents
►  Complete visibility on all application delivery chains
►  Having the right solutions in isolating and diagnosing problems
►  Apply methodological approach to improve user experience
►  Establish close partnership with vendors

Key Challenges

With shortage of resources and growing business requirements, there are several challenges that IT leaders will have to manage:

►  Growing complexity in application delivery chain
►  Focus is no longer on high availability alone, but also on performance of the applications
►  Having the expertise to manage, support and monitor the multiple platforms
►  Capability to quickly identify and resolving application issues
►  Application rollout to production without major breakdowns

Moving Forward

With the growing demand for faster performance and better user experience applications, it is crucial for IT leaders to put in place the right practices and solutions to win the performance revolution where it helps to:

►  Improve business productivity
►  Enhance brand image and reputation
►  Gain customer loyalty